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Almost two centuries of history.

Italy is admired across the globe for its art, creativity and beauty, and Boero expresses this excellence in color with unrivaled mastery. Founded in 1831, Boero has worked tirelessly to combine the highest quality standards with cutting edge decorative techniques. Boero is a company that develops its strategies through research, innovation, production, distribution, care and attention to the environment. Martin Studios is the exclusive distributor of Boero paints and products in the US.


Save Money. Save the Planet.

Over 850 million gallons of paint is purchased each year and 10~15% of that paint goes unused. Unused paint ends up in landfills, sitting on shelves, or is disposed of improperly. The environmental impact of improperly handled unused paint is a serious issue that until now, has gone unsolved. Up Paint™ rescues paint before it ends up in a landfill and is reconditioned using our EverGood Upcycle Paint Technology™ to provide you with quality paint at a phenomenal price.


Hello Paint. Goodbye Cleanup!

Cleaning brushes and rollers is an inconvenient and messy process that takes time and wastes water, money, and paint. 95% of professionals and DIY painters cite cleanup as the biggest headache to any paint job. BrushBaggy is a simple and inexpensive solution that is changing the way people approach painting projects. With the ability to stop and start the painting process at a moment's notice, BrushBaggy protects your tools and your paint from today's low VOC fast drying paints.